Bryony Hussey

Bryony Hussey is an Irish artist based in London.

This presentation of her work and process is a collaboration between the artist and KoProjects.

My practice is concerned with the interrelationship between strategies of collecting, including moving image, photography and writing, which rely on and inform each other. I’m interested in moments that punctuate the experience of your daily landscape, interjections in your peripheral and daily happenstances. The immediacy of the accidental and permanency of recording it brings together the lived world with the image world.

"...rely on and inform come into the equation here when the implicit subtext is created through the tension made by the pairing. I'm interested in building these sub textual narratives through composition and curation."

"I'm interested in things that appear close to something everyday but with closer inspection are not. Collage takes it a step away from the everyday. The distance between you and 'it' greatens because it is familiar. This familiarity is why you let it in and when you realise it isn’t what you were expecting to get, it becomes alienating. This relates to the Brechtian term Verfremdungseffekt or the ‘distancing effect’, which brings you in to push you away."

"...this is something I try to do with my drawings, also through their positioning in relation to my body." 

"I’m aiming to address a political point through the decision of where my work is seen. I don’t want to write a Guardian article for Guardian readers; it’s boring. I don’t agree that art has to be consumed in an art gallery. Through my practice, I’m consciously trying to ask something of people, of viewers, in order to solicit a response in them; to challenge. This is an anti-establishment stance that I have taken up in defiance of the institutionalisation of culture. I don’t believe that art begins and ends where institutions designate those boundaries to be. However, that’s not to say I’m an anarchist: the impulse behind my seeking public spheres is to start a conversation through art that is freer and therefore more openly engaging. A public screen or billboard confronts people with the images displayed on it."


The gaze of gallery dwellers isn’t expected in the public sphere and that interests me because it sparks a larger question about whether art is only art if the gaze of the passer by validates it and I don’t believe that to be so. This relates to the very challenge of what art is, which is at the centre of my practice, an ongoing distillation of the artfulness of everyday life.

Can I ask for the attached work 'pick me up buttercup' to be included as a downloadable PDF please? This work is something I usually send in the post to specific people so I thought it would be nice if people can download it and send it to others. 

"Ultimately I see artworks and my art practice as ‘conversation starters’. At least this is the desired outcome of what I make. The implicitness of collage aids to ignite conversation in the viewer’s head, opening up bigger questions about art, which is what I want my work to address."