Slowly10 is a digital curatorial residency that is designed with a focus on ideas around slow curation/exhibition, temporality and engagement.


The purpose of this project is to create a 10-day digital programme that is distributed through a daily email to the KoProjects mailing list/social media, featuring one artwork, text, reference etc for a period of 10 days. The intention is for singular works/ideas to be given time and space for consideration individually whilst also partaking in an overarching curatorial premise.


The residency offers a two week period of research and scheduling which will then lead to the digital exhibition featuring 10 works or segments that will then be distributed over a 10 day period.


Although this project has arisen around ideas of temporality and engagement, this does not determine the content and subject of the residencies and we welcome proposals from all mediums, subjects and fields of research.


Caroline Delieutraz & Stephanie Vidal

Jade French

Joshua Byron